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Herbal Stress Curative: Adaptogens

Stressed Out? Anxious? , Fatigue? Out of balance?

Lacking “free time” to enjoy each day to the fullest?

Lowered receptivity for your mate or the opposite sex?


Negative input obscures positive belief systems depleting the body's energy & enthusiasm . . .Chinese Chi energy


Fortunately for us there is a class of natural herbal botanicals available that can help the body adapt better to its environment, whether that be one of many harmful chemicals or simply one of rapid changes. These herbs are unadulterated plant botanical Adaptogens that have played an essential role in eastern herbal healing for over two thousands years to boost Chi energy enabling the human body to naturally maximize performance & increase resistance to adverse influences such as environmental pollutants, chemical food additives, stressful daily tasks such as television, radio, news media, financial concerns, and interactions with others who may be aggressive, combative, and out of balance as well.


Stress triggers the release of stress fighting hormones, which provide us with instant coping abilities. The problem starts when stress becomes constant. The stress fighting hormones are actually degenerative to the body over time and have waste products called free radicals, which are currently believed to be the leading cause of aging, disease, cancer and early death.


Each of us need to examine the corporate produced health supplements & vitamin “extracts” that may be pesticide laden and processed into oblivion – opting for time tested plain & simple organic plant botanical compounds produced by nature to naturally nourish our body, mind, and spirit to feel renewed, calm, balanced, energetic, rejuvenated, receptive, optimistic, & empowered to a better quality of life!

One may also LOSE WEIGHT by boosting immune systems balancingChi energy, hence eliminating excessive mood swings, overeating, self medicating & other destructive behavioral patterns that hold us back from our full potential of enjoying a healthy longer life.


What are Adaptogens?

Simply stated, they are exceptional body balancing plant botanicals known to enable the immune systems healing power & natural revitalizing properties in humans to maintain equilibrium of the mind, body, & spirit alignment through the glandular system and at a cellular level.


Amlaki fruit E. officinalis powder, Chi Wu Cha E. senticosis, & Red Holy Basil O. sanctum are three exceptionally prolific auspicious Asian plant botanicals known as Adaptogens essential to modern day survival in a fast paced world of ever changing days filled with endless mini-stresses.

We import this natural holistic botanical compound. Try it and re-charge your Chi energy.!


Siam Natural Adaptogen III anti-aging body balancing natural botanical plant compounds

Two caps with a glass of water live longer green  is a body balancing, antioxidant, immunomodulator health elixir


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