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Adaptogen-III blend Endocrine & Immune System Supplement

Super Stress Reduction: 100% Natural herbal adaptogenic botanical compounds

Negative thinking obscures all our positive belief systems depleting energy & enthusiasm. Fortunately for us, there is a class of natural herbal compounds available that can help humans adapt better to its milieu whether that be one of many harmful chemicals or simply one of rapid changes of conditions.

Radix Eleutherococci • Ocimum sanctum • Emblica officinalis

These herbs are pure plant botanical Adaptogens (not industrial processed extracts) that have played an essential role in eastern herbal ethno-botanical medicine for over two thousands years to boost 'Chi energy' enabling the body to naturally maximize performance & increase resistance to adverse influences such as environmental pollutants, chemical food additives, stressful daily tasks such as driving through traffic, enduring television, radio, news media, financial concerns, and interactions with others who are combative, aggravating, & out of balance themselves.

Stress triggers the release of stress fighting hormones, which provide us with instant coping abilities. The problem starts when stress becomes constant. The stress fighting hormones are actually degenerative to the body over time and have waste products called "free radicals", which are currently believed to be the leading cause of aging, disease, cancer and early death.

First of all, we all need to eliminate the industrial produced chemically farmed so-called health supplement vitamin “extracts” that are pesticide laden and processed into oblivion - replacing these with plain & simple organic plant botanical compounds produced by Mother Nature to naturally nourish the body, mind, and spirit to feel renewed, calm, balanced, energetic, rejuvenated, receptive, optimistic, & empowered to live a happier life with each new day!

One can also LOSE WEIGHT by boosting immune systems to balance the Chi energy, hence eliminating excessive mood swings, overeating, self medicating & other destructive behavioral patterns that hold us back from our full potential of enjoying a healthy productive positive long life.

What are Adaptogens?

Simply stated, they are those exceptional ancient plant botanicals known to enable the immune systems healing power & natural revitalizing properties in humans to balance the mind, body, & spirit back into alignment through the glandular systems at a cellular level.

Asian Amlaki fruit Emblica myrobalan fruit powder, Chi Wu Cha Radix Eleutherococci, & Red Holy Basil Ocimum sanctum are three such extremely prolific & auspicious plant botanicals known as "Adaptogens" essential to modern day survival in our fast paced, combative world of ever changing days filled with endless mini-stresses that sometimes appear to be monumental & insurmountable.

Red Holy basil also contains ursolic acid and is touted as one of the cosmetic industry’s latest favorites because it improves the skin’s elasticity and combats wrinkles.
It also shows benefits for preventing skin cancer, along with having antifungal and antibacterial actions.

We advocate these 100% natural 'green' herbal plant botanical compounds.
Try it and re-charge your 'Chi' energy, balance your body's endocrine system, plus enjoy the natural Skin and Beauty & Anti-aging benefits

Siam Natural Adaptogen-III Super Natural Supplement contains three ancient adaptogenic herbal botanical compounds creating a powerful 100% natural herbal stress reduction health supplement. They are;

Common name | Scientific name | Plant part | Modalitie(s)

• Red Holy Basil, Ocimum sanctum         [leaf]           Ayurvedic, Holistic
• Chi Wu Cha,     Radix eleutherococci    [root]          Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM
• Amlaki-Amla,    Emblica myrobalan        [fruit pulp]     Ayurvedic, Holistic

Read one of the most comprehensive books on adaptogens available at

"ADAPTOGENS: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief",
by Steven Maimes and David Winston, RH (AHG)

Praise for Adaptogens

"Adaptogenic herbs can be most useful in the quest for health in our stressful society. David Winston and Steven Maimes explain and champion the use and benefits of these important herbs."
James A. Duke, author of The Green Pharmacy

“Essential reading for all involved with adaptogens, whether practitioners or consumers. This is the first comprehensive guide to adaptogens based on good herbalism, good science, and NO hype! A truly excellent book.”
David Hoffmann, author of Medical Herbalism and The Holistic Herbal

“With Adaptogens, David Winston and Steven Maimes have finally made this important healing concept accessible to a wider audience. We need adaptogens—gentle remedies that, over time, have the powerful effect of restoring and protecting our health on many levels. David Winston’s vast clinical and practical knowledge of herbs adds tremendously to the value of the book.”
Christopher Hobbs, author of Handmade Herbal Medicines and Medicinal Mushrooms

“Brilliant! Fully researched, full of information not readily available, as well as being practical and easy to digest. The authors have managed to blend the traditional and recent scientific information into a fully comprehensive and informative text. This will become a classic, a definitive work on this most important group of medicinal plants.”
Rosemary Gladstar, founder of United Plant Savers and author of Herbal Healing for Women

“Adaptogens are destined to play an increasingly important role in the future of health care. This book provides an excellent introduction to and comprehensive overview of their traditional uses and of the science supporting their safety and therapeutic benefits.”
Mark Blumenthal, founder and executive director of the American Botanical Council

Stress-Induced Health Problems
Stress can influence reproductive function, the immune system and the brain.
The following conditions are commonly linked to stress:

Auto-immune diseases
Cardiovascular disease syndrome
Common cold
Diabetes (adult onset, type II)
Immune suppression
Irritable bowel disease
Menstrual irregularities
Premenstrual tension
Rheumatoid arthritis
Ulcerative colitis

Source: Selye, H. Stress in Health and Disease (Butterworths, 1976).

Siam Natural Adaptogen-III
Super stress reducing, anti aging, endocrine system support botanicals Chi Wu Cha root, Red Holy Basil leaf, Amlaki fruit powder
(Radic Eleutherococci, Ocimum sanctum, Emblica myrobalan
also useful in cancer prevention (free-radical scavenging), Allergies, Auto-immune disorders, Diabetes, Skin rashes/allergies, chronic Rhinitis, chronic Sinusitis

Siam Natural Adaptogen-III herbal blend (100) each 400mg vegetable cellulose capsules containing Radix Eleutherococci, Ocimum sanctum Emblica myrobalan.
Potent natural stress relieving adaptogens, immuno-modulators, & rejuvenitive antioxidant, anti-aging compounds w/vitamin C & natural nutrients.

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Siam Natural Adaptogen-III herbal powder blend Radix Eleutherococci, Ocimum sanctum Emblica myrobalan,
stress relieving immune system regenerative anti-aging compounds (anti-oxidant adapatogenic powder supplement) (1.2oz) foil pkg

MSRP $34.95

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