Momordica Health Benefits

Deficiency in Diet

Our bodies do not naturally produce Vitamin A
(carotenoid) so we must obtain it through our diet.

Vitamin A deficiency can have a serious impact on our health:
· Night blindness and blindness
· Reduced immune function
· Poor embryonic development
· Decreased bone development
· Anemia
· Higher risk of heart disease and stroke
· Free radical activity can lead to cellular damage, and therefore chronic disease
  and accelerated aging.

Momordica (Qua Gac) Promotes Healthy Vision

Alleviates dry eyes

Zeaxanthin (abundant in Lycogac) protects ocular tissues against ultraviolet radiation and reactive oxygen species that can cause cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to night blindness and eventually total blindness. The Beta-carotene (Pro-Vitamin A) found in LycoGacc aids in the prevention of blindness.


· "Pro Vitamin A"
  assists in normal bone growth of children and helps preserve and restore overall bone structure.

· Failure to grow strong bones is one of the first signs of Vitamin A deficiency.


· Vitamin A is commonly known as the
  anti-infective vitamin.

· Vitamin A plays a central role in the
  development and differentiation of
  white blood cells, such as lymphocytes.

· Momordica 'Qua Gac' contains Alpha Tocopherol
  (Vitamin E) which enhances cell-mediated immunity


· Vitamin A is involved in the development of sperm (spermatogenesis)

· Vitamin A is an important factor in the development
  and maintenance of vaginal epithelium

· Vitamin A plays an important role in embryonic
  development of the following:

· Eyes
· Limbs
· Skin
· Mucous membranes
· Infection resistance
Bone growth


· Red blood cells are derived from precursor cells called stem cells

· Stem cells depend on Vitamin A for differentiation into red blood cells

· Vitamin A facilitates delivery of iron from the body to the red blood cell for   incorporation into hemoglobin, the oxygen carrier in red blood cells.


· The body’s production of endogenous
  antioxidants declines as we age.

· Lycopene, ß-Carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E from
omordica 'Qua Gac' scavenge free radicals.

· Momordica 'Qua Gac' keeps skin looking younger with
  fewer wrinkles


· The antioxidants in Momordica 'Qua Gac' combat Atherosclerosis

· Studies have shown that diets high in
  ß-Carotene and Lycopene may
  reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%


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Contains highest natural content of natural Provitamin A, Vitamins C & E, Zeaxanthin, Minerals: Zinc, Iron, Fiber - Fatty Acids: Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic & more! 

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Lycopene has been hypothesized to prevent carcinogenesis and atherogenesis by protecting critical cellular biomolecules, including lipids, lipoproteins, proteins, and DNA. The most impressive results come from the US Health Professional Follow-up Study, which evaluated intakes of various carotenoids implementing the use of food frequency questionnaires, in relation to risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer risk decreased as lycopene intake increased. Read the Lycopene research data

Read an informative article by DR. GEO ESPINOSA, N.D., L.AC, CNS, RH (AHG) on prostate and other cancer prevention

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