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  a lagoon view from the Aiypura Spa in Koh Chang (Elephant Island)

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let's go - windsail ,  snorkel,  body boogie too!Although there are numerous small secluded tropical islands located on the southern gulf of Siam, the most popular tourist destinations are fairly well developed and offer unbelievable deals on accommodaitions.

The entire southern region along the gulf of Thailand is loaded with rich interesting sites to see and new horizons to experience. It's not only a divers paradise accessable by boat from a number of cities in southern Thailand, the islands also offer backpacking to remote waterfalls and tropical beaches that are unmatched in natural beauty and romantic fun in the sun


Ideally located, the Hua Hin & Cha Am community is neither pricey or over commercialized at this point, and offers all the modern conveniences of a world class city, Bangkok, to the north approximately three hours (220 km), plus easy access to the southern region where the ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE are abundant.

   The main highway south is a safe scenic tour by car, minibus, or bus which is quite comfortable and inexpensive but somewhat restrictive.

There is the national railway service that is quite inexpensive and runs at regularly scheduled intervals. Be sure to go first or second class! When traveling south, be advised the the train will not get you to Phuket. You must get off at Chumpon, about three and a half hours south of Hua Hin or Surat Tani - about another 4 hours. From there you can take a boat to the islands or drive or bus to Phuket. Commercial air travel is available from Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Khon Kean,, and a few other Thai cities.As time permits we will be displaying DV video clips of these islands on so you can click in and see it with your eyes in streaming DV video.

It is one of the most awesome regions of the world. I refer to them as the ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE because they offer the ultimate in breathtaking crystal clear aqua blue pristine beaches ... an experience I've only found in southern Thailand. I was truely amazed at this realization having come from Hawaii and toured those islands extensively and traveled the Caribbean as well.

Seeking that elusive dream of blue lagoons like Kauai or Fiji

Check out the ultimate tropical exotic island in southeast Thailand

Koh Chang

English translation means 'Elephant Island' - 75% of which is a Thailand Marine National Park reserve with waterfalls, rainforests, and tropical paradise lagoons. There's a few noteworthy resort spas with varying amenities and price ranges available on Koh Chang.

a chosen few know romance on this deserted jungle beach

click image for information & reservations click to select the Aiyapura Spa Resort . . . a 35 min flight from Bangkok to Trad airport and a 20 min ferry ride across to Koh Chang

we recommend the ultimate nature resort spa on Koh Chang for under $200.00 USD per night



The Aiyapura Spa Resort Koh Chang is situated in the Gulf of Thailand on a lovely white beach with its own private bay. Koh Chang, or 'elephant island' is the second largest island in Thailand next to Phuket and is commonly referred to by old-timers as being like Phuket was 20 years ago. The Aiyapura Spa Resort Koh Chang is located on a pristine white sand beach surrounded by virgin rainforest, untrekked jungles and high mountains.

Guests at the Aiyapura Resort Hotel Koh Chang can explore the spectacular coastline with its many fine white sandy beaches, crystal clear aqua blue beaches and colourful corals.

Koh-Chang is the main island of an archipelago of 47 islands, most of which are unpopulated, and the Aiyapura Resort Hotel Koh Chang has charter boats and excursions available daily to explore this amazing Marine National Park. For reservations at the Aiyapura Resort Hotel Koh Chang just call us. Bangkok airport service direct to the Aiyapura Spa Resort is available, or connect through to Trad for hotel van pick up at the airport.

Feel free to call us with any questions or for secure credit card reservations

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A Tropical Island Lagoon Experience

take the The Grand Lagoona floating hotel adventure

Islands of adventure - A lagoon Island tour in south east Thailand! & travel partners IDO24, The Destination Co.,Ltd. offer a complete guided tours to tropical islands of adventure and romance!

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